A Limousine Blog – Are You Thinking of Starting One

A limo blog? Really? At first, the idea may seem a little far-fetched or maybe just a little too esoteric to be of much use to anyone except the blogger. Who would keep such a weblog, and for what purpose? The average person enjoys very few limousine-worthy occasions in his or her life, so that, when Cinderella’s carriage returns to its original pumpkin-ness, there’s not much more to write.

But that’s exactly the point. Because ordinary people do not very often take advantage of limousine service, a limousine blog provides them with vital information about sizes, styles, features, options, prices, and proper limousine etiquette. Because the everyday person very seldom limousines from one place to another, the limo blog schools them in all they need to know about riding in style, providing a great resource for people who need quick and comprehensive information about a subject not frequently discussed.

The all-purpose limo blog

Could you list and describe all the different sizes, styles, and models of limousines-everything from horse-drawn carriages to fifteen passenger Hum-Vees? Could you go the next step and explain the advantages, disadvantages, and proper occasions for each vehicle? The all-purpose limousine blog does that for you. Which limousine best will transport your children to the senior prom? Will your prom-bound children be able to break into the limousine’s liquor cabinet while they travel? Which elegant automobile best will transport newlywed bride and groom from church to reception and from reception to honeymoon suite? Will they enjoy the privacy they desperately want and need? A limousine blog gives you the information you need to connect the dots.

In addition to the specifics of limousine sizes, shapes, designs, and seating capacities, the well-informed limousine blogger delivers the short course in proper limousine etiquette: What kind of service and courtesy should you expect from your driver? What is the best way to communicate your preferences to the driver? Where and what distance may the limo driver take you? Is it appropriate to tip your chauffeur for exceptional service, and if you may offer a gratuity, how much should you give; what is the most decorous way to deliver your thanks and cash? The limo blog breaks it all down for you.

Limo blog for event planners

A limousine blog provides an invaluable resource for event planners who must arrange transportation for guests, VIPs, and event staff. The term “limousine” does include nine- and twelve-passenger vans, and it also includes small party buses. The limousine blog shows a strategic planner how to make most efficient and economical use of all vehicles. In fact, the bigger the event or the bigger the name on the marquee, the more an event planner ought to avail herself of the limo blog.

Limo blog for upscale business travellers

A skilled administrative assistant rapidly rising on the corporate career ladder should become an avid reader of limousine blogs, gleaning essential information to make her boss’s business travel as comfortable and speedy as she possibly can. Habituated to their perquisites, executives demand their staffs pay attention to minute details. Planning for the boss’s trip to Houston, a limousine blog will teach the skilled assistant how to assure that the boss’s Wall Street Journal and morning Starbuck’s are in the back seat waiting for him as the comfortable Lincoln Town Car rolls-up in front of his semi-palatial suburban estate. The well-developed limo blog gives the ambitious assistant all the tools she needs.